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As a SaaS SEO agency, our 360-degree organic search approach combines technical, onsite, and offsite SEO with content marketing and more. This holistic approach to SEO ensures we achieve continual month-on-month PQL and MQL growth, while driving MRR for your SaaS business.

01. Technical SEO auditing

02. Keyword gap analysis

03. Competitor intelligence reporting

04. AI content analysis

05. Onsite optimization

06. Content modelling and creation

07. Link building

08. Content outreach and partnerships

09. Ongoing reporting

Our Process

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We begin with both qualitative and quantitative research. That helps us get to know your marketing team and understand your challenges and business needs. To really get under the skin of your business, analyzing your data through a series of technical and AI audits, gaining further insight into your existing marketing efforts. SEO affects all of your channels, and we want your future strategy to be fully integrated.


Now we have reviewed your website, we compile an in-depth competitor intelligence report to identify new opportunities, followed by a thorough keyword gap analysis, ensuring we can help you capture audiences throughout the entire sales funnel.


Having created a future-proof foundation, we begin content modelling to marry your business goals to your customers' needs. All content we create is designed to meet your users' various search intents from inquiry, to consideration, through to purchase and retention.

Production and promotion

There are two options depending on your budget. We can work as an extension of your marketing team, providing recommendations and areas of improvements for your content. Alternatively, we can produce your content for you, with the help of our 40+ strong team of creators and editors

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with high-authority domains that get tonnes of traffic. The likes of G2, HubSpot, Drift, and Big Commerce are just a few of the names we have consistently secured content partnerships with on behalf of our clients.

Reporting and optimization

We produce detailed monthly reports to track your growth and successes, and point out additional opportunities to capitalize on. Throughout our collaboration, we continue to iterate and optimize our SEO and content efforts, in order to achieve optimal results and impact.

Success Stories

SaaS companies we work with have experienced significant growth in no time at all, after partnering with us. Results include:

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Saas FAQs


How can a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy increase SaaS conversion rates?

That is the million dollar question we have heard many times as a SaaS SEO agency. While a robust SEO and content marketing strategy might not earn you that much straight away, it can make a big difference to your bottom line. The reason being that a high-quality SEO campaign will both help you connect with more potential customers and convert more of them to loyal clients.

As a SaaS business, it’s critical for you to connect with prospects online. That just stands to reason. As the SaaS niche gets more competitive, however, that can be easier said than done. As all marketers will tell you, if you want a steady stream of organic traffic to your website—and you do—you simply have to appear high on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The further down the SERPs you appear, the less traffic you get. Just think about it: When was the last time you went onto the second page after a Google search? Or even scrolled down past the first five results on the first page? You likely can’t even remember. Top-class SEO services for SaaS software companies ensure you rank where you need to be for your business-critical keywords.

Higher SERP rankings mean more eyes on your software solutions, and so more potential conversions. That’s not the end of the story when it comes to how a perfectly tailored SEO strategy, like those developed by Accelerate Agency, can increase conversion rates for your SaaS products, though.

Content creation and marketing efforts are an integral part of the best SaaS SEO strategies. As well as contributing to boosting the traffic you get from organic search, this element of your SEO also helps convert more of your target audience into new customers.

Investing in a software as a service solution is no small undertaking. Potential customers and business decision-makers will do their due diligence. That means researching the solutions that are out there to meet their needs. It also means learning more about the companies behind them.

A strong SEO and content marketing strategy will position you as an authority in your field. Any prospective customers will find that you’ve written extensively around the very topics they’re interested in. They’ll also find, if you’ve partnered with SEO experts like Accelerate, that you're featured on renowned third-party sites and forums.

Those are things which undecided potential customers remember when it comes time to take the plunge with a software solution. The best SaaS SEO strategy, then, will help convert more of your site visitors, as well as increasing their overall number. It’s win-win.


What's the best SaaS SEO strategy to drive organic traffic and leads?

There's no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy to fulfill the needs of every SaaS business. As is the case with many things in digital marketing, the best SaaS SEO strategy is the one that will work most effectively for your business.

That's all very well, we hear you cry, but how do I know what that is? In short, you don't. Yet. You will, however, once you start working with Accelerate Agency to improve your SEO and grow your business.

Our SaaS SEO process always begins with a deep dive into our clients' businesses and their existing marketing efforts. We perform technical SEO audits and leverage cutting-edge AI tools to really get under the skin of your business.

It's not just your company that gets the forensic treatment, either. We also put the microscope on your competitors. Through competitor intelligence reporting we can provide you with an actionable keyword gap analysis. That's a rundown of search terms and keyword opportunities you may be presently missing out on.

What's more, thanks to this qualitative and quantitative research we can properly map a content marketing and SEO strategy to marry your business goals and your customers' needs. That's the framework for the best SaaS strategy for your business.

As experts in SaaS marketing, Accelerate can also help you craft a strategy that covers all the bases. By which we mean one to appeal to your broadest target audience, qualified leads, prospects at the point of purchase decision, and everyone else besides. In short, potential customers at every stage of your SaaS marketing funnel.

An ideal SaaS SEO strategy will help you create content to suit your target audience at every stage of the customer journey. As well as making sure as many of them see it as possible. That makes it easier for you to move leads from awareness of their problem, to evaluation of your solution, to purchase, and then retention. That's the kind of strategy your business needs and deserves.


What is the value of using keyword research for an optimized SEO and link building strategy?

The answer to this question comes from thinking about backlinks, content, and SEO from a user- rather than search engine-focussed perspective. Think about why it is that you want to build links to your web pages and other content.

Because Google likes it if you do? No! Well, they do, but that shouldn't be your principal motivation.

Instead, think of backlinks as being a way for you to help your target audience. You want to help them discover the information they need to solve their problems. It may well be that ultimately they then realize that it's your software they've been missing all along!

Keyword research in link building, then, is critical to matching your links and linked to content—as well as where you build links from—to the true intent of searchers. You can't direct people to truly valuable content, after all, unless you know what it is that they value.

By conducting intelligent keyword research, you can build a network of backlinks which will impress Google's algorithm. The reason it will, though, is because the links are relevant to searchers and from high-authority sources. Rather than being composed of backlinks for backlinks' sake.

Keyword research, too, is what helps you discover the optimal anchor text for your links. The little gems of phrases which help your landing pages rank, and get more clicks through to the pages at the same time.

Guest posting and blogging is another integral part of any link building strategy. To make the most out of any such activity, keyword research is essential. After all, if you can secure a guest post with an industry-leader like SEMRush, Moz, or HubSpot (which Accelerate can help you to do), you need to make the most of it.

You want your post on that high-authority partner's blog or site to rank in of itself. That way, your linked-to content will get even more link juice. Proper keyword research and optimization is what makes that happen.


How can link building optimize traffic for SaaS companies?

Ask any SEO company and SaaS SEO agency, and they'll tell you that link building is vital to optimizing traffic for a SaaS website. What it might be trickier to get to grips with is why. How does link building help you get a bump in traffic that will look nice and healthy in your Search Console?

While things like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and even social media marketing are fairly self-explanatory, link building has always been a bit hazier. Just how can having links to your content make such a big difference to your traffic. It can't all be about the visitors who physically reach your site by clicking those links, right?!

Right. Link building is best understood split into two distinct parts: Tactical link building and authority link building. The first of those is perhaps the more easily understood.

Tactical links are links that help convince Google of the relevance of your linked-to content to a particular topic. Or, more importantly, to the keywords associated with that topic.

You might, for instance, secure a link from a post about communications software to a business case study on how you helped a client upgrade their in-house communications. That link would help Google connect the case study with the general topic of communications software. As with anything in the world of SEO and lead generation, things are a bit more complex in reality, but you get the idea.

Authority link building, meanwhile, is related but different. Authority links are backlinks from major publications or organizations within your industry. The mere connection with such a respected organization is enough to give your site a boost.

The absolute highest authority sites—think Forbes, Inc., etc.--are likely to only use nofollow links. There are plenty of high authority domains, though, which you can target to gain links which will help your page metrics hugely.

Be aware, however, that the bigger the reputation of a domain, the harder they'll fight to keep it. That means links from such sites are hard to come by and you'll need to create superb content to build a link building partnership with such domains. Or work with a digital marketing agency that has existing relationships with a range of high authority domains in the SaaS niche...


What type of link building services do you offer?

Accelerate Agency is proud of the relationships we've built with businesses and organizations all over the world. That's not just our present and past clients, either, it also encompasses many high-authority domains with whom we work to deliver top-class link building services for those clients.

By helping clients create truly high-quality, relevant, and unique content within their niches, we've been able to build relationships with the big boys of the digital world. Want to get content hosted on G2, HubSpot, Drift, or BigCommerce? You've got a better chance if you work with Accelerate, because we secure content partnerships with them all regularly for our clients.

Like the idea of third-party guest posting and link building, but not sure you've got the time or resources for it? Well, Accelerate can still help you there, too. We've got a top-quality team of 40+ writers, editors, and creatives who can handle content creation for you.

Work with us to define your link building goals, anchor text, and other critical elements, and we'll take the strain from there. Our creative team knows the kind of content that high authority domains want to feature, and that your target audience wants to read. By creating it and utilizing our relationships with content partners, we can give your link building the boost it needs


How much does a SaaS SEO agency cost?

Even though we're experts in SaaS SEO, this is a tough question for us to answer. Why? Because SaaS SEO can be so different for one company than it is for the next. Take a look around our site, and you won't find a quoted price or rate.

That's not because we've got anything to hide, quite the contrary. It's because we want to consult with you to give you the best idea of the personal service we can offer, and what value it will deliver to your business. Such a tailored SaaS SEO strategy can't be delivered to a restrictive, pre-determined price list. And any agency that tells you otherwise, is likely more interested in their own bottom line, than your results.

When you do consider the costs of SaaS SEO, you're best to look at it through the prism of return on investment (ROI). If you want to spend as little as possible at the outset, you can choose to take on the SEO of your site in-house. SEO, though, and especially SEO in the SaaS niche is not quick or easy to master. With little prior experience, you're unlikely to see much return.

Alternatively, you could hire an SEO pro to work for your company. They could deliver a high level of service, but will equally demand a high level of remuneration. Unless they bring plenty of prior relationships with other organizations and domains along with them, you'll also still not get the best of the deal.

Working with SaaS SEO specialists like Accelerate Agency, meanwhile, is the sensible choice ROI-wise. We can work with you to tailor precisely the strategy that your business needs to succeed. That means you'll see the kind of results in the areas of organic traffic, market share, and conversions that will help you achieve the scalable growth that all SaaS businesses crave.