Content Strategy

Our approach to content marketing

We take a holistic approach to content marketing, in order to deliver customer-centric solutions, all while leveraging the power of AI.

We don't just create to capture leads, we create to convert and reduce churn, all by keeping customer needs top of mind. By combining onsite and offsite tactics, we ensure we align all content with your audiences' actual search intent. That's throughout their online journeys and across every external touch point.

01. Research and Insight

02. Goal Setting

03. Content Strategy

04. Content Creation

05. Distribution

06. Engagement

Why do I need it

Any business not utilizing the power of content marketing will struggle to get their SEO off the ground. Equally, content marketing that isn't rooted in SEO isn't fit for purpose. Think of it as a Batman and Robin situation - they're more powerful when working together.

If content marketing isn't part of your overarching SEO strategy, here are a few reasons it should be:

  • 68% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after consuming content from them. It is the ultimate relationship building tactic
  • Brands who use content marketing see six times higher ROI Vs. brands that don't
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates three times as many leads
  • Content enables your brand to connect with your audiences throughout the entire sales funnel - from interest to purchase, right through to retention

Results I can expect to see

If you're producing premium content, backed by a strong strategy, you will see huge returns. Our clients have enjoyed:
  • Reduced churn rates from producing ongoing educational, demonstrational, and informational content and resources which answer real customer needs
  • Growth in organic traffic
  • Higher-quality leads and increased conversions
  • Audiences spending more time onsite browsing through products and services
  • Greater audience connection throughout the sales funnel, resulting in increased conversions
  • Higher brand recall and brand loyalty
  • Increased referral traffic from back links
  • Marketing cost savings. Content marketing has proved so powerful our clients have reduced their paid media spends-those channels just haven't delivered the same results!