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Our approach to content marketing begins with a future-proof strategy. We don't make content for the present moment, we create evergreen content that will continue to connect with your audiences, long-term.

Content Strategy

Our content strategies have longevity, and it's because we think about the bigger picture. We factor in what you're producing, who your customers are, where they are in their buying journeys, how they're consuming your content, and why they're engaged. We marry your brands' goals with your audiences' needs.

Onsite Content

No one does content marketing like we do. We use real data, insights, and AI to create uber-targeted, high-ranking content that ensures you'll capture your audience throughout their online journey.

Offsite Content

We have built solid and trusted relationships with some of the most respected, high-authority domains around. Brands like HubSpot, BigCommerce, Drift, Keap, and many more. On behalf of our clients, we have secured several ongoing content partnerships, which have resulted in exponential growth.

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What is included in an SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing strategy?

What is included in an SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing strategy? Great question. At Accelerate, we’re dedicated to creating future proof content marketing strategies for our clients. That means creating the kind of quality content that stands the test of time and connects with your target audience, long-term. Our content marketing services, then, must cover every base to ensure that your content creation will continually impress those all-important search engines.

We’re with you every step of the way in your search engine optimization journey, including:

Developing your strategy
To ensure that your content marketing campaigns have longevity, we use our experience as SEO strategists to build a plan that suits your business goals and your existing and potential customers.

The first step toward a high-quality content and SEO strategy is to understand where you currently sit. We’ll consider your products and services, your customers and leads—and where they are in their customer journeys—what engages them, and which types of content they want to see.

We will perform a content gap analysis to really drill down into the great content opportunities you’re currently missing out on. What’s more, we’ll analyze social media and website traffic, user experience, and other information to really get to grips with your target audience.

All of that allows us to map out a content plan that will help you deliver the type of engaging and relevant content your buyer personas will love. As well as being exactly the sort of material that will impress Google, aid your lead generation, and boost conversion rates.

Content creation
It goes without saying that engaging content is the cornerstone of any successful SEO content marketing strategy. Whether it’s landing pages and other website content or blogging for outreach to high-authority partners, an Accelerate Agency content marketing strategy always has your content at its heart.

It’s high-quality content, too, that’s tightly targeted to impress both your target audience and Google. As experts in digital marketing, we excel at the kind of optimization that propels each piece of content for our clients as high as possible up the relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). Making sure that your content gets seen by all the right people, and your brand awareness gets a noticeable boost.

Content promotion
As well as audience and keyword research and other SEO staples to grow organic traffic to your content, a full-service content marketing strategy also encompasses other elements of content promotion and outreach.

Accelerate has solid and trusted relationships with some of the highest authority domains around. We work with them providing the kind of high-quality content that they like to publish, and which establishes our clients as authorities in their fields.


How can I use data for informed digital marketing and content creation?

Data can in many ways be the lifeblood of outstanding content creation and digital marketing. As much as we all like to trust our guts and lean on business acumen, in reality, nothing beats quantitative data to deliver truly actionable insights.

All marketers will tell you that any piece of content which doesn’t focus on its target audience and their needs or desires is almost worthless. How, though, do you discover those needs, as well as other key details about your target demographic? By collecting and analyzing data, that’s how.

The following are just a few ways you can use data for better informed digital marketing efforts:

Understanding your audience
Which platforms and social media networks do your target audiences prefer? What types of content do they engage most highly with? Do they like lengthy white papers or punchy infographics? Will they respond to case studies detailing how you helped one of your customers boost their bottom line?

These are critical questions to which data can provide the answers. Delving into any and all sources of customer behavioral data available, helps to get a proper grip on your audience. Then, and only then, can you create content that’s certain to engage them.

Content mapping
As well as defining the topics and focus of your content, data can also help build your plan for disseminating and sharing that content. An effective content mapping process identifies where, when, and how to produce and distribute content for the maximum impact.

You can drill down into data to support the process in a number of ways. Email marketing insights, for instance, can help you discover when to send messages with links to your content. People aren’t always best placed to open or engage with emails, after all. Social media marketing data, meanwhile, can help you ID the kinds of content preferred by users of different platforms.

Getting a handle on return on investment
Another key element of informed digital marketing and content creation is assessing the return on investment your efforts deliver. This is another area in which data analysis is key.

Content marketing is about building a relationship with your target audience. This can seem like an intangible goal which is tough to measure. In reality, though, you can collect data to help you track a variety of informative metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Traffic levels - How many people are viewing your content? Are they part of your target audience?
  • Engagement rates - Do the people who view your content engage with it? If so, how? What percentage of viewers click through to other pages on your site? How many leave a comment?
  • Conversions - Are your engaged visitors converting? Is your content driving email list signups? Are readers going on to download a white paper? Are they making a purchase?

How do I use content marketing services for SEO?

Content marketing services and search engine optimization (SEO) are inextricably linked. Try to make any gains in the SEO field without a robust content marketing strategy and you’ll learn that in short order. High-quality, engaging, and optimized content is the foundation on which SEO success is built.

Here’s how:

The importance of keywords
What’s the nub of SEO? It’s getting your website and pages to rank highly on a SERP related to a search term that’s relevant to your business. First search engines and then searchers, therefore, need to know what your site and pages are all about. Keywords are key, here—hence the name.

For any site to rank well for a keyword, it must contain high-quality content that:
  1. Features the keyword and others closely related to it
  2. Google deems relevant and useful to searchers who use the keyword as a search term

As any content marketing agency will tell you, creating content that fulfills those criteria can’t happen by accident. You need top-class content marketing services like those offered by Accelerate. Only then can you deliver the kind of optimized content that’s also useful to visitors, which will propel you up Google’s SERPs.

Quality content that visitors engage with
SEO isn’t only about keywords. There are numerous ranking factors that Google accounts for when assessing your pages. They include the quality of content and user experience you provide to visitors.

Google wants to see relevant, useful content that truly answers visitors’ search intent. The days of stuffing keywords onto a page and hoping it will move up the rankings are long gone, if they ever existed in the first place.

Now, you need a content marketing strategy that delivers constantly refreshed, truly beneficial material to your target audience. You need an editorial calendar that sees you introducing new content, tailored to your visitors, as much as you’re able. Old, irrelevant content that causes visitors to bounce will also see your pages slide down the SERPs.


What are good case studies for content marketing?

Whether you’re a small business looking to scale or any established enterprise, you don’t make any business decisions on a whim. We get that. So when it comes to considering whether our content marketing team is a good fit for your organization, you’re going to need to see some proof of our credentials.

Well, here it is:

Traffic growth of 1185%
We’ve enjoyed a hugely successful partnership with communications service provider, RingCentral US. Our SEO content marketing strategy for RCUS included identifying over 300 high-performing keywords and delivering the top-level copywriting needed to vault the company’s pages up the SERPs.

By producing more than 120 new onsite articles, securing 750+ guest posts, and building over 100 content partnerships, we helped RCUS drastically raise their non-branded traffic. By no less than 1185%! What’s more, our efforts also helped their share of search increase by 291%.

Astounding results in just 28 days
Our work with logistics and inventory management specialists, Brightpearl, is testament to how content marketing experts can deliver results, fast. With a combination of SEO-driven content marketing and high-profile content partnerships, we provided tangible improvements in only 28 days.

Within that limited timeframe, we helped Brightpearl achieve a 166% boost in organic blog traffic and drove non-branded traffic up by 96%. Any marketing company would be proud of those results, and we certainly are.

3x more organic traffic
The best content marketing strategy isn’t only limited to new onsite content. Outreach and link building with high-authority and heavily trafficked domains can also deliver impressive results. That was certainly the case when Accelerate worked with BookingLive.

By executing a large-scale link building campaign and delivering content top domains wanted to host, we helped BookingLive grow their organic traffic by 300%. That’s helped them become the UK’s number one booking system. Just another example of the real-world benefits of high-quality content marketing and SEO.

Top of the SERPs
Here at Accelerate we’re not only about content marketing. For many clients we deliver a 360-degree search strategy that combines content marketing services, technical SEO, onsite SEO, and much more.

That’s exactly what we delivered for communications specialists, RingCentral UK. With the help of our full-service strategy, RCUK vaulted to the top of the SERPs. Their organic traffic increased by 1324% and 2M more customers were added to their call center sales pipeline.


How do I plan a full funnel B2B content marketing strategy?

You’re probably aware of the idea of a sales or marketing funnel. Why else would you have asked this question? The theory of funneling prospects through the awareness and the evaluation stage, right on down to making a purchase decision is pretty well-established. But how do you plan a B2B content marketing funnel?

As with many things in marketing, from PPC advertising to crafting press releases, you must start with your target audience. Gather all the data you can on that audience, and build buyer personas for companies and their decision-makers at each stage of the funnel.

Ask yourself the type of content that prospects at the awareness stage are interested in. What do they need to find out and how can you best convey that information? How can you set yourself up in their mind as an authority in your field? Then, think about specific elements like CTAs or methods of outreach that could help you move those prospects down the funnel.

Once leads are at the evaluation stage—and they don’t necessarily have to have passed down from the top of the funnel—they’ll want different content. Here, you’ll need to demonstrate how your product or service answers your audiences’ pain points. You may also wish to directly compare your offerings to those of your competitors, to ensure your USPs shine through.

At the purchase decision stage, finally, your content needs to convince business decision-makers to take the plunge with your company. Think case studies, glowing testimonials, and useful white papers that highlight how a prospect can’t possibly do without your services.

Build the ultimate B2B content marketing funnel with the help of marketing experts like Accelerate Agency, and you’ll see the results in your bottom line. Being customer-centric at each stage of the funnel is the only way to ensure prospects always get the engaging content which will keep them moving towards purchase.